Care instructions

We suggest using the cotton pouch supplied to store and protect your bag. Due to the waxed nature of the bags, much like traditional English waxed jackets, some white marks may appear on the twill. If required, these can be easily removed using a hairdryer to lightly warm the wax. To remove dust or dirt, use a lightly dampened lint free cloth. Do not scrub. Leave to dry naturally.

After continual use, you may wish to retreat your bag to maintain its weatherproof qualities. Warm up the waxed twill using a hairdryer before rubbing in wax dressing sparingly. Use more heat to allow the wax to sink into the twill and let it cool and dry. To protect and restore the leather you can use a leather balsam.

Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, use any soap or detergent, apply solvents, iron, starch or leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. 


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