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Taking Meaningful Action

Sustainability and the environment have been at the core of our business since the beginning. We are proud to have joined hundreds of Climate Neutral certified brands in taking meaningful action.

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Their mission is to eliminate carbon emissions by making climate neutrality a priority for businesses and consumers.

All Climate Neutral certified brands must meet the required standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from making and delivering products and services.

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The Agrocortex Project aims to protect and maintain the world's natural resources, preserving and protecting some of the most threatened forests on the planet whilst importing a biodiversity corridor to connect the Andes to the Amazon.

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The goal of the Dempsey Ridge Wind Project is to generate wind energy near Cheyenne, Oklahoma to reduce dependence on fossil fuel energy. Renewable energy generation is a reliable solution to climate change, helping to displace our reliance on energy from fossil fuels.

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The goal of the Honeywell Industrial Processing Emissions Project is to reduce emissions by replacing a high-emission blowing agent with a low-emission alternative.

The alternative agent, called Solstice, does not require new infrastructure and utilises existing equipment and systems, ultimately increasing its sustainability.