Into The Wild with Graeme Purdy

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Into The Wild with Graeme Purdy

From the frozen ice sheets of the Arctic to the African planes of the Massai Mara to the shark-infested waters of Australia, the award-winning wildlife photographer, Graeme Purdy, is forever heading where some of us would only dream of exploring.

In Episode 2 of our podcast, we sit down with Graeme to hear all about his wild adventures, intriguing stories and, yes, his top photography tips too.





Driven by an almost unconditional desire to get the shot. Graeme takes us through exactly what is needed to be a leading wildlife photographer. Enjoy.




For more information on Graeme Purdy, recently awarded 2nd place in the Sony World Photograhy Awards 2021, follow him on Instagram or head to his website



Behind the Scenes with Graeme Purdy: