The Bag That Conquers Every Adventure

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The Bag That Conquers Every Adventure

When you were 10, nothing was more exciting than pulling on a pair of cargo trousers and a multi-pocket safari gilet, filling a backpack with a torch, compass and water bottle, and pretending you were an explorer on an around-the-world mission. That’s what we used to do with our time. We’d dream of adventures, plan them in our bedrooms and tell our parents that’s what we were going to do when we became adults. And maybe that’s what we should be doing with our time now.

We might not be able to travel at the moment, but we can start making future adventure plans so that we’re ready for life after this lockdown. From tackling epic road trips to scaling mountain peaks, dancing at festivals to camping in the wilderness, there are a thousand adventures to pin above your desk -- and we’ve built a bag that’s ready for them all.

Tough, durable, weatherproof and next-level functional, our Adventure Bag is that go-anywhere, do-anything piece of kit you’ll pick up once and never leave without. Tested in the harshest conditions the Isle of Skye could offer, we set out on a mission to create a bag that’s all about the journey. One bag, endless adventures -- let’s do this:

Designed For Weekend Getaways

Weekend escapes will have never been appreciated so much. They’re your chance to break free from your isolation-staycation and either discover somewhere new or head somewhere you missed to press the reset button. They’re your chance to take off and enjoy 48 hours of something different, whether that’s an off-the-grid Airbnb or home-home -- and this bag will help you do it at a moment’s notice. Shove your boots in the shoe compartment, slide your laptop into the padded pocket, zip your card into your shoulder strap and then get up and explore. 

Designed For City Breaks

When everywhere feels like a deserted wilderness, exploring a city filled with people will feel like its own kind of adventure. Could be Manchester, could be somewhere a road trip away. No matter which streets you want to explore, it’s hard to resist the temptations of a weekend getaway full of epic sights, sounds, tastes and cultures - and the adventure bag was designed for exactly that: travel. Throw your security items in the top pocket, carry your bag onto the plane, enjoy the trolley sleeve as you make your way through the airport, and revel in the adjustable comforts as you explore everything you can for as long as you want. 


Designed For Mountain Getaways

Mountain getaways usually mean snow-capped thrill-seeking in the heart of winter, but they’re the ultimate adventure playground come summer too. Hidden trails, cascading rivers, deep gorges, high-altitude lakes -- the mountains have everything to get your blood pumping and heart pounding. Climbing, parascending, bungee jumping, canyoning; everything comes with an extra injection of adrenaline. All you have to do is grab your bag by the handles, adjust the straps in any way you like, clip on your waist strap, add a map to the front sleeve, some water to your bottle pocket and settle into the cushioned back panel as you step into the unknown. 

Designed For Road Trips

When the lockdown is lifted, nothing will be able to beat that feeling of stepping into a car and driving until we reach the sea. Road trips are that raw adventure into the unknown where you celebrate the journey and develop an exciting disregard for the destination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to the coast or the countryside, there’s a rare freedom that comes with road trips; the white-lines vanishing beneath you as you dangle a bare ankle out of the window, stopping when and where you feel like. And when you’ve reached the end of the road, you simply have to grab your adventure bag and start exploring on foot. After weeks of isolation, this is how to adventure.

Designed For Festivals

When this pandemic is over, festivals will spread the love like nowhere else can. They’ll be the good-time adventure we all want and need as we escape every kind of norm, head to the middle-of-nowhere, pitch a tent among tens of thousands, spend a summer weekend seeing three days-worth of live music, rejuvenate your spirit, dance from dusk until dawn, and laugh in the face of another total mudfest -- and our adventure bag makes it even easier. There are compression straps to store your waterproofs on the side, a bottle pocket to pop your festival juice in, a hidden zip to keep your valuables secure and, when you finally call it a morning, you can fold your bag up to save space in your tent.

Designed For Sailing Adventures

This is the opposite of being stuck inside. This is exploring where you want as you want, the wind whipping through your hair and the land at your back as you tack your way toward an unknown horizon; the sun dancing on the water, your friends dancing on the deck, and your weatherproof bag shrugging off each wave. And once you've unpacked, your bag can be stored in the smallest of compartments.  This is the great outdoors, and now’s the time to start planning for it.

Designed For Interrailing 

Planes won’t be grounded forever, but planes aren’t the best way to see everything. Interrailing is. With your bag strapped to your shoulders, tickets stored in the card pocket and your itinerary in the fast- access pocket, you’re ready to travel here, there and everywhere; seeing the pinch-yourself places most people miss; your camera tucked into the travel pocket as you speed through the wilderness, getting on and off to explore whichever cities intrigue you most. Now is your chance to plan which cities these are, and have your go-anywhere, do-anything adventure bag at the ready. No restrictions, no limits, just the journey.

Designed For Wild Camping

After being told to stay safe and stay home, there will be a part of you that’s hungry to live on the edge away from everything. To rewild yourself. Wild camping is exactly that. More than pitching a tent, it’s about getting away from the security of campsites and the noise of caravan parks and taking yourself to a staggeringly remote corner where the world feels like it belongs to you and you alone. It’s about packing everything you need and heading into the silent, empty, wilderness to pit yourself against the elements.

Designed For Work & World

It’s easy to crave your commute when your work from home desk is seven books stacked in front of your sofa. But life shouldn’t be about heading to work every morning and then heading home each evening. It should be about heading to work and then who knows where. It should be about packing your bag so that you’re ready for everything; your laptop safely tucked in the padded pocket, spare trainers in the shoe compartment and towel strapped to the side as you say yes to more after-work adventures. Whether it’s Monday or Friday, life is what you make it. Right now, exploring anywhere is illegal so, when all this is over, let’s start exploring the world when the clock strikes five.


Work From Anywhere

Covid-19 has changed the world forever, and no more so than our professional lives. Remote working will become the norm, where your options to travel while you work will only be limited by internet connectivity, money, imagination and what you can carry in your bag. Cue the adventure bag. Push your laptop into the padded sleeve, slide your portable charger into the front pocket, keep your cards in the shoulder strap for on-the-go access, and fill your travel pocket with mobile hotspot devices, noise-cancelling headphones, adapter plugs and all the other equipment you need to work from wherever. The world will become your oyster, and this bag will be with you every step of the adventure.

Find out more about our Adventure Bag on Kickstarter. 

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