Top 5: TOPJAW’s Ultimate Food Cities

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Top 5: TOPJAW’s Ultimate Food Cities

If you're the kind of traveller who spends just as much time researching restaurants as you do the destination itself, we've got just the thing for you. We sat down with the legends behind TOPJAW and asked them to share their favourite food-centric cities around the world; places packed-full of swanky restaurants and secret streets vendors, hidden speakeasies and local favourites.

So bookmark this post, update your bucket list and start planning the ultimate foodie adventure because these are the ultimate destinations for anyone that puts their taste buds first!


Copenhagen, Denmark

Anyone that’s headed to Copenhagen will have already tried to book a table at Noma, the much-lauded and once top-rated restaurant in the world. But this Scandinavian city is so much more than just fine-dining, even if this metropolis does boast 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. That’s because the forget-me-not street food is what sets Copenhagen apart. From their delicious open-faced sandwiches (translation: smørrebrød) to their Danish-style hot dogs, as well as their incredible beers, this is a foodie-city unlike any other. 48 Hours in Copenhagen



 Los Angeles, USA

From Downtown to Santa Monica, LA has a food scene bursting with the most creative dishes, flavours, techniques and restaurants you’ve ever stumbled across. Whether you’re in the mood for some next-level sushi, a mid-morning brunch, an extravagant tasting menu or a quick bite from a locally-famous food truck, the foodie-scene in Los Angeles continues to rise above and beyond all expectations with new trends, creative concepts and hybrid cuisines popping up all across this city. 48 Hours in LA



 Bangkok, Thailand

Get ready for an epic assault on your senses because Thailand's capital has a wild history of vibrant foods that go way beyond just Pad Thai. This is a city where no flavour is forgotten no matter what is being cooked up in the kitchen; a place where spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors are almost all guaranteed to make your next meal sing. From the most unlikely street vendors to the swankiest of restaurants, Bangkok’s vibrant food scene is an art form that never ceases to impress whether you’re indulging in noodles or seafood, meat skewers or soups. 48 Hours in Bangkok



 Paris, France

To say that Paris is pretty famous for its dining spots is a pretty big understatement. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this city is resting on its buttery laurels because if anywhere knows how to keep pushing the boundaries of taste, intrigue and creativity it’s Paris. From Montmartre to Le Marais, Bastille to the Grands Boulevards, there are moments of wow everywhere you look: street-corner patisseries, swanky restaurants, hidden speakeasies and everywhere in between. 48 Hours in Paris



 Rome, Italy

Where so many other cities are forever trying to take their dishes to a new level, Roman cuisine sets the standard in simplicity, flavour and satisfaction. That’s what this city is loved for. Taking centuries-old dishes and celebrating the three pillars of euphoria: taste, tradition and the freshest of local ingredients. Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, parmesan covered carbonara, deep-fried fritti, fiori di zucca and pizzas that celebrate the most simple of pairings. This is a city that does hearty comfort foods better than anywhere else, and making a mess slurping up the deliciousness is just an added bonus. 48 Hours in Rome



Introducing… TOPJAW! In episode 7 of our podcast, we caught up with Will and Jesse, the dynamic duo behind @topjaw, these YouTube legends are following their passion as they search for the tastiest things to eat, drink and do in cities around the globe. Enjoy.


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