Top 5: Ways To Stay Active While Travelling

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Top 5: Ways To Stay Active While Travelling

Go anywhere, do everything. That’s what travelling is all about. It’s about teetering on the edge of the unknown, escaping reality, lapping up the nervous excitement of leaving your comfort zones, opening your senses to somewhere new and different, relaxing when you can, living a life of adventure at every chance you get and, to top it all off, taking a break from your normal routines.

That’s where so many of us unconsciously abandon our healthy lifestyles. Exercise, training routines, healthy eating, sleeping patterns - they all get left at Terminal 2 as you set off on your trip. And we get it. Travelling overloads the senses, full of new and exciting experiences that you can’t get enough of. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation.

From choosing the active option on every exploration to taking your training with you, we’ve compiled our top tips to staying fit while you travel. Enjoy.


1. Trainers Are All Your Need

There’s only one thing better than pulling on your running shoes after a few days of rest, and that’s lacing up your trainers in a foreign country. Somewhere new. Somewhere you’ve never run before - it’s an experience that will stay with you longer than you realise. Whether continuing your personalised running plan from RunBuddy or collecting kudos on Strava, it doesn’t matter, running every time you travel is a must-have experience. The simplicity. The intimacy. The views. The little moments most tourists never get to see. Trust us: this is as much a travel hack as it is a way to stay fit.


2. Practise Your Yoga Poses

There’s a lot of sitting involved in travelling. A lot. From long-haul flights to criss-crossing a country on a rickety train to soaking up the unfamiliar sights on a jaunty bus ride, there’s a lot of sitting involved in travelling. Thankfully, yoga is a great way to relieve the aches and pains, while staying fit. And the best part: you can do yoga anywhere. On the floor of your hostel room, the airport terminal, the beach, anywhere, each session helping to open up your hip flexors, increase the blood flow around your body, enhance muscle strength, reduce stress and improve flexibility.


3. Walk. Everywhere.

Pounding the pavement as you explore on foot is the easiest way to keep fit while also living like a local. Explore the city streets, hike that nearby peak, stroll through the midday markets, walk along that palm-lined beach, take a left down that quirky lane and discover local spots you would miss on a bus, train or taxi. Not only will you uncover a hundred hidden gems, but you’ll burn some calories along the way. Bonus tip: walking tours are the ultimate way to become familiar with a new city, take in the best local knowledge and work up an appetite for that restaurant that came highly recommended from your friend who visited last year.


4. Cycle Around Your City

The trick to keeping fit without compromising on your travel experiences is to do what you can, with what you have, where you are. That’s where exploring on two wheels comes into the fray. Simply throw a mini Roll Top pack on your back, look for a bicycle docking station and get your blood pumping as you ride through the different neighbourhoods of your local city, unsure of where each cycle path will take you. That’s how to combine exercise and exploration.


5. Try A Local Adventure

There’s a chance to get active on every kind of trip. Hike that trail you overheard those people talking about, snorkel around the coral reefs, try standup paddleboarding, explore that national park on mountain bikes and backpack through the forest – anything that will keep you active while you explore. That’s how to keep fit on your travels without once compromising on your experiences.


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