Tourism, A Force for Global Good

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Tourism, A Force for Global Good

As we’ve built Stubble & Co, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly extraordinary people, discover some incredible organisations and hear some of the wildest stories. Stories we simply had to share. That’s why today we’re launching our new Podcast - For Those Who Travel.

Like so many brands and businesses and people across the world, we were forced to look inward roughly a year ago, as the freedom of travel came to a sudden stop. Not an ideal situation for a brand that builds high-quality bags for every adventure. But just because the practical side of our passion was halted, our passion itself hadn’t wavered. We were -- and are -- a brand for those who travel

Over the coming months we’ll be talking to explorers, travel photographers, expedition tour guides and everyone we possibly can to share inspirational stories with you. 

And who better to kick-start our podcast with than G Adventures, the world’s largest, independently-owned adventure company!

From their humble beginnings, G Adventures have grown to have more than 750 tours on all seven continents, and a non-profit partner that uses community tourism to help alleviate poverty in some of the poorest places on the planet. In short: G Adventures pioneered the very idea of sustainable, conscious, community-focussed travel and became one of the travel industry’s first disruptive innovators.

We can’t wait for you to hear what happened when we caught up with them. Enjoy.