nemo: The Travel Agency Disruptors

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nemo: The Travel Agency Disruptors

From planning a cycling trip around the Balearic Islands to making your Kenyan safari dreams a reality, Tom and James, the founders of nemo, are the chronic wanderlusters that launched a luxury travel company like no other.

nemo is a new age travel agency which aims to transform travel planning. By combining years of expertise with an easy-to-use and interactive website, nemo gives you control over your itinerary. No nasty add-ons and sales pitches here, just honest advice and the tools to design your dream trip.

In episode 3 of our podcast, they tell us what it took to get there. Full of wild stories, incredible travel tips, unbridled honesty and breathtaking knowledge, this is one you don’t want to miss. 


For more information on nemo, to get inspired, to plan ahead and book with confidence, make sure you follow them on Instagram or head to