Stubble & Co meets Kym Grimshaw

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Stubble & Co meets Kym Grimshaw

Forever wandering the exciting, vibrant and pinch-yourself streets of Bristol -- usually with a camera in one hand and something tasty in the other -- is Kym Grimshaw, a food, travel and lifestyle photographer that has an eye for those everyday snapshots that catch you off-guard.  

That is Kym’s secret sauce. She manages to find those unexpected moments that hide in plain sight. From snapping shots of her favourite Bristolian foodie spots to catching delicate moments on her travels around the world to mouthwatering photos of her own kitchen creations, there are so many reasons to fall in love with Kym’s feed. 

And we recently caught up with her to learn more about her travels, her recommendations and how she’s been keeping busy during lockdown. 


Whilst we've not been able to travel what’s kept you busy? 

As a bit of a keen cook, I've been keeping busy in the kitchen, making recipes that need a bit more time and care, like fresh pasta. It took a global pandemic for me to finally dust off the pasta machine that’s been sat on the shelf five or so years. Very therapeutic and actually a doddle to make. Delicious with a simple tomato butter onion sauce, lots of parmigiano, and a glass of red. Still dreaming of Italy but this will do for now! No sourdough making here though, I'll leave that to the professionals.



What trips have you got planned for life after lockdown? 

I've rather optimistically booked a few in the calendar already, I'm hoping for some UK adventures later this year. I always felt like the biggest adventures meant jet setting to the other side of the world, which needn’t be the case at all. I've barely scratched the surface when it comes to UK travel as I've only recently passed my driving test, so I'm going to start with places reasonably close to Bristol such as Devon, The Cotswolds and Wales.



Is there a particular location you’d recommend for a foodie?

Bristol! There's an incredible food scene here, I'm lucky to call it home. Favourites include a piping hot margarita straight from the oven at Bertha’s Pizza and weekend treats from Farro Bakery.



Do you have a favourite place to explore in the UK? Any hidden gems we should know about?

I'm still exploring myself but I do love to be anywhere by the coast. I love Wales. It stole my heart and I’m desperate to go back soon. I think the Welsh coast is often overlooked in favour of places like Cornwall, so I'll be heading there as soon as I can.



Do you have any tips to explore more sustainably? 

Focus on supporting the hotels and restaurants that are making great strides towards a sustainable future - there are so many exciting places in the UK with a planet-friendly approach. 



Lastly, Can you tell us about your most memorable trip?

It was over 10 years ago now to Marrakech in Morocco. I arrived at night, dropped by taxi in the middle of the medina close to the famous Jemaa el-Fna square and my senses were completely ambushed! It was so different to any place I'd experienced before, a real culture shock, I loved it! I think this was the trip that made me fall in love with travel and seeking adventure has been a priority since. 



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