The story behind each of our bags…

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The story behind each of our bags…

November 2015, that’s when our journey first started, back when the world was open, people preferred bridges over walls, borders could be crossed, flights could be booked last minute and road trips could be taken at a moment’s notice. And that’s exactly what we did. Whether it was a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, a quick getaway to some off-the-grid part of Britain or a weekend escape to some culture-filled city we’d heard so much about, our lives were about travelling -- especially the journey.

The idea for Stubble & Co first came to us whilst exploring the Philippines. Three idyllic weeks, escaping our London office jobs with time to think about what we wanted in lifeOur vision was to create a range of bags that people would never stop using, whether they were travelling to work, or travelling the world. Bags that could go anywhere and do anything. Bags that travellers, commuters, explorers and athletes could trust all the time. Bags built to last.

From there we started sketching, started researching, and started to build the brand. The first bags were sold in March 2017 - 4 years ago this month - and incredible things have happened since then. So in honour of this milestone and our fascination with meaningful journeys, here’s the story behind each of our bags. 



The Everyday Bag - March 2017

The first sketch we zoned in on was a holdall. A bag made specifically for everyday travel and daily adventures. But being the flagship bag from which we dreamed of launching our entire brand, it had to be perfect. A day-to-day sidekick that was timeless, built to last, impossibly practical and had enough cargo space for travelling to work, the gym and weekend adventures. That was the mission and we worked tirelessly to make it happen. 

Made with premium waterproofed canvas and natural full grain leather, The Everyday Bag was tried and tested until we were certain every detail had been thought about: an extra reinforced base, detachable double width shoulder strap, perfect length carry handles, ultra reliable zips, high density protected laptop pocket, valuables pockets and wrap around webbing for strength. This was our first foray into the unknown and it was all based around three cornerstones: creating durable, refined and incredibly versatile bags. See more.



The Weekender - March 2018

Sticking to our timeless design, we took the foundations of our Everyday bag and added some extra cargo room. Okay, a lot of extra room. 40% more. The functionality and styling of the Weekender wasn’t just designed to work with either a suit and tie or jeans and sneakers, but able to take you from your office water cooler to a long weekend away. Created with a sophisticated look, efficient storage and exceptional durability, the Weekend Bag was designed to be the go to bag you just couldn’t live without. See more.



The Backpack - October 2018

The leap from holdalls to backpacks may seem obvious, but our ambition was to do the opposite. We wanted to change the game and create a bag that you didn’t see everywhere. A bag that was simple yet standout; stylish yet practical; a bag that could be worn all day, every day, anywhere. So we reminded ourselves that nothing great ever came from comfort zones, picked up our pencils and began designing - and redesigning - every detail, dimension and function to handle the versatility of everyday use. 

We designed a vertical zip on the front so you didn’t have to completely remove the bag to access your daily essentials and combined magnets with a drawstring to allow quick and easy access to the main compartment without compromising on security. Add on two purpose built side pockets, a protective laptop sleeve and a cushioned base, and we were able to design a pack that celebrates style and practicality, whether you're exploring the city streets or mountain peaks. See more.



The Commuter - July 2019

Designed off the back of customer demand, we did something a little different with The Commuter backpack: we swapped frills for function, and we did it while holding onto our timeless stop-and-stare style. The reason for this was simple: we’ve always focussed on making bags that enable exceptional travel experiences, and commuting was no exception. We wanted to design a bag that let people do more with their commute, and to do it more comfortably. We wanted to create a backpack that would take you between your front door and your office desk and then so much more. Early morning park runs, lunchtime laps, after-work gym sessions, evenings out-out, anything and everything -- and that meant functionality had to be our focus. 

From the padded laptop compartment with direct access to the three separated compartments for smart storage, and the generous interior able to hold everything you need for the day ahead, The Commuter combines exceptional comfort and everyday convenience with every detail. See more. 



The Adventure Bag - March 2020

When we were kids, nothing was more exciting than pulling on a pair of cargo trousers and a multi-pocket safari gilet, filling a backpack with a torch, compass and water bottle, and pretending we were explorers on an around-the-world mission, taking on sea-level streets and snowy Himalayan peaks. That’s what we used to do with our time. We’d dream of adventures, plan them in our bedrooms and tell our parents that’s what we were going to do when we became adults -- and we channelled that same passion for exploring when we designed the Adventure Bag

Made from the most robust recycled materials, our 42L Adventure Bag combines the utility of a holdall with the functionality of our most practical backpack. Translation: it’s the only bag you’ll ever need, wherever the destination. Intentionally designed to be exceptionally lightweight and comfortable, there is nothing rigid within the bag, meaning it can be packed to the limits of any airline. 

But what marks this bag as our bravest move yet, is its sustainable toughness. Made with recycled materials where possible, we carefully sourced each component of this bag before making sure they passed our stringent performance tests. And that’s not all. Tough, durable and enhanced with 8 purpose-built compartments to make every journey as easy as possible, the main body of the Adventure Bag is made from waterproof materials, the seams have been sealed and each and every zip is water-resistant. 

The result: a sustainably made bag designed for adventure and built to last. See more.


The Roll Top - October 2020

When we were designing the newest member of our luggage tribe, we made comfort, practicality and the planet our main focus. But they weren’t the only thoughts we had on our mind because this bag was designed during the global pandemic, at a time where an ever-changing world was becoming the new normal, interruptions were one after the other and the only future we could predict was an unpredictable one. All of that is at the core of this bag. Agile, versatile, functional, fun and sustainable. The Roll Top backpack was born at a time when walking, cycling and exploring the world on our doorsteps became the most important part of our lives. That’s what this bag represents.

Made with recycled materials, our Roll Top combines the tried and tested strap geometry from our best-selling Commuter backpack, a breathable back panel with upgraded padding and a chest-strap for extra comfort, as well as all the celebrated functions of our other products: direct-access laptop pocket, individual compartments and waterproof zips. But on top of all that, it also has a quick-access pocket on the front, purpose-built side pockets for your water bottle and bike lock, as well as reflective logos and trim so that you can be seen whatever the weather. Oh and did we mention the seams are sealed too. In short, this bag doesn’t settle for standard, it sets the standards. See more.


From the city streets to towering peaks, all of our bags and backpacks are travel-tested for every kind of journey, from far-flung adventures to everyday commutes and we can’t wait to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Explore our range.


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