Two people walking in snowy Finland

STUBBLE & CO X VISIT FINLAND takes a deep dive into the heart of Finnish Lakeland. 

Visit Finland gave us the opportunity to collaborate with 5 talented creatives, capturing the beauty of Finland and the functionality of our bags in breathtaking settings.

Snow-blanketed pines, frozen lakes, bikes and snowmobiles set the scene for the ultimate durability test of our bags. Stubble & Co was born from a single desire: to encourage people to get outside and live a life of travel and adventure and that is exactly what this partnership represented. 

A group of 4 people driving on snowmobiles in the snow wearing black backpacks and rucksacks


Stubble & Co X Visit Finland was crafted from a shared affinity for exploration as we uncovered the wild landscapes of Ruunaa and Koli and stepped out of our comfort zones, whilst pushing our bags to limits in the harsh climates of a Finnish winter. 

“The thing that stood out to us was the feeling of space, silence, wilderness and beauty. It felt very pure and simple there, untouched.”

Vic Watkiss, Stubble & Co, Co-Founder

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