7 Of The UKs Most Off-The-Grid Airbnbs

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7 Of The UKs Most Off-The-Grid Airbnbs

At Stubble & Co, we’re addicted to the term adventure. It’s the thought of taking on an unusual, exciting and sometimes daring experience, such as venturing into one of the planet’s most remote regions with nothing but a backpack - and there’s nowhere more remote than the volcanic island of Pitcairn.

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Peru and New Zealand, Pitcairn is one of the most isolated, secluded and hard-to-reach places on earth - and travelling there is testament to this. It involves a flight to Tahiti, a second flight to Mangareva and then boarding a working cargo ship to Pitcairn - a journey that usually takes three days and two nights, sometimes more.

Thankfully, you don’t need to cross oceans or indulge in mountains of admin to enjoy a life off-the-grid on an untouched patch of the planet. Believe it or not, there are some incredibly remote places lurking around the UK -- and Airbnb holds the key to the most hair-raising of them. No plane needed.

From hidden treehouses to railway carriages and a few woodland boltholes, we’ve uncovered the UK’s most remote listings. Now pack your bags and add a bit of the great unknown to your weekend away:


AirShip 002, Drimnin Highlands

Airship 002

This is it - your chance to head into the highlands, call a sustainable hideaway yours for a night or two and gaze up at the twinkling constellations from under a cosy tartan blanket before the sun shines its torch on the Sound of Mull and the Scottish sea toward Ardnamurchan Point. Ladies and gentlemen, adventurers and travellers, welcome to AirShip 002, an aluminium pod with views you’ll never forget. 

Sleeps: 2

Price: £150 per night

Riverside Cabin, Constantine

Hand built home in the woods

The traveller’s dream has always been a cabin in the woods, and this hand-built home is that and more. Much-much more. Made from the forest that surrounds it, this Cornish getaway is all the clichés you want it to be. Wind through leaves, water tinkling in the nearby stream, the relaxing crackle of an open fire, an open firepit for al fresco cooking and all the cliffs and beaches of Cornwall to explore. It’s the best kind of escapism.

Sleeps: 4

Price: £85 per night

Stargazer Treehouse, Devon

Dartmoor tree house

Perched above the woodland canopy, this retreat takes living amongst nature to the next level, especially when the sun goes down. It’s a place you’ll just want to sit and stare, or lie-down and stare as you gaze up at the stars from the king-size bed or, for the most life-affirming moment of them all, wash and stare, basking in the moonlight as you gaze at the night sky from the outdoor bathtub while listening to the gentle sounds of Dartmoor’s woodland wildlife.

Sleeps: 2

Price: £180 per night


An Cala, Cairngorms National Park

An cala next to river

Sat on the riverside, surrounded by the trees of the Cairngorms National Park, is An Cala - the rustic retreat of your dreams with everything you could possibly want from your next microadventure. Log fires and hot tubs, the Cairngorms and the whisky trail, walking, hiking, mountain biking and skiing, bird watching and fishing, the forest and the river, everything - and it’s all on your doorstep.

Sleeps: 10

Price: £250 per night

Railway Carriage, Cornwall

Converted train glamping

Not only does this converted train carriage know how to add some glamping luxuries to your off-the-grid adventure, it also ensures your carbon footprint is minimal. Solar power supplies all the electricity, the wood burning stove ensures you’re cosy, a firepit is used for all your cooking needs and there’s even a 'green' waterless toilet to make you smile -- and it’s all set within a 60ft railway carriage.

Sleeps: 6 to 8

Price: £100 per night


Muckleflugga Shorestation, Unst, Shetland Isles

Studio at Muckleflugga Shorestation

Clinging onto the edges of Britain's most northerly inhabited island, the historic Muckleflugga Lighthouse Shorestation is like nowhere else. On earth. It’s breath-stealing. All of it. The wildlife, the Hermaness National Nature reserve, the Burrafirth beach that’s on your doorstep, the splendid isolation and endless sea views and, yeah, the name - Muckleflugga Lighthouse Shorestation.

Sleeps: 2

Price: £45 per night

Brook House Woods, Herefordshire

Take climbing into the trees one step further, by staying in a red berry treehouse suspended above ancient bluebell woodland below

This retreat isn’t just a cabin or a lodge or any one thing - it’s a woodland village handcrafted from felled ash trees. “Red Berry” pods suspended above bluebell woodlands, secluded tree cabins boasting outdoor baths, handmade huts celebrating hobbit life and yurts nestled into the shores of a secret lake - this is your chance to live in the middle of the woods, cooking in outdoor kitchens, showering beneath ancient oak trees and practising yoga in unspoiled glades.

Sleeps: 2 in each

Prices £90 - £155 per night

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