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Stubble & Co is a British born brand on a mission to create tough, durable and highly functional bags designed for every aspect of travel. Bags built to last, built for adventure. With 3,000 verified reviews and free global shipping, test the quality for yourself.


Our bags are built on capability, craftsmanship and innovation with one aim in mind: to make travelling as easy as possible. They are a blend of functionality and performance from their waterproofed exterior to their ergonomically designed core; each material, compartment, strap and feature is carefully thought out to create a go-anywhere-do-anything bag that is built to last, and built for adventure.


Since day one, we wanted to be a brand that lives life in forward motion; a brand that upholds ethical and sustainable practices at every stage of the process. From designing timeless bags to launching products made from recycled-plastics, offering an in-house repair service to offsetting our transportation carbon footprint and ensuring all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, we strive to be inherently sustainable in everything we do.


Our bags are tough durable and multifunctional, designed to be versatile wherever the destination; from commuting to work, to visiting the gym, spending weekends in the wilderness to city breaks. Designed for travel by travel-addicts, where every last detail has been carefully considered.

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