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Travel Bags

Our travel and outdoor bags have you covered from weekend adventures to outdoor explorations. Explore our range of adventure backpacks for your ultimate travel companion.

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    Adventure Bag in All Black front view
    4.9 stars from 1363 reviews

    The Adventure Bag


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    a studio shot of the front of an All Black kit bag 30L
    4.9 stars from 561 reviews

    The Kit Bag 30L


  • The Kit Bag All Black Backpack top view
    4.9 stars from 561 reviews

    The Kit Bag 40L


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    a studio shot of the front of an All Black Kit Bag 65L
    4.9 stars from 561 reviews

    The Kit Bag 65L


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    A studio shot of the long shoulder strap on All Black shoulder bag
    4.9 stars from 45 reviews

    The Shoulder Bag


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    The Weekender
    4.9 stars from 1406 reviews

    The Weekender


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    Product shot side view of The Roll Top 20L in All Black with a water bottle in the side pocket.
    4.9 stars from 9608 reviews

    The Roll Top 20L


  • Best seller
    Side product shot of The Roll Top 15L in All Black with a water bottle in the side pocket.
    4.9 stars from 3476 reviews

    The Roll Top 15L


  • Front view of an All Black Crossbody suitable for men or women
    4.8 stars from 270 reviews

    The Crossbody


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    Recycled Plastic Wash Bag in All Black angle view
    4.9 stars from 393 reviews

    The Wash Bag


  • Front view of the packable Off White Ultra Light Backpack
    4.9 stars from 174 reviews

    The Ultra Light Backpack


  • Front view of the Off White packable Ultra Light Crossbody Bag
    5.0 stars from 179 reviews

    The Ultra Light Sling


  • Front view of Off White packable Ultra Light Tote Bag
    4.8 stars from 89 reviews

    The Ultra Light Tote


Find the Ideal Travel Companion for Your Next Journey

At Stubble & Co, we design travel and outdoor bags with a focus on exploration, resilience, and practicality. Our products are designed to meet the demands of modern adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s why you’ll love our bags:

  • Our travel and outdoor bags are built for exploration, designed to handle any adventure, from hiking trails to weekend getaways.
  • Featuring multiple compartments and organisational pockets, our bags keep your gear easily accessible and well-organised.
  • Made from rugged, weatherproof materials, our travel and outdoor bags are built to withstand the elements and the rigours of outdoor activities.

Choose Stubble & Co for reliable, stylish, and functional travel and outdoor bags that support every aspect of your lifestyle.


  • Are travel and outdoor bags suitable for carrying laptops?

    Yes, our travel and outdoor bags feature padded compartments designed to securely fit laptops, ensuring your tech is protected during your adventures. You might also want to explore our work and commuting bags collection.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Stubble & Co travel bag?

    Use a lightly damped lint-free cloth to remove dust or dirt. For stubborn stains, use mild soapy water. Avoid machine washing, tumble drying, strong soaps or detergents, solvents, ironing, starching, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Can I use these travel bags for airline carry-on?

    Yes, many of our travel and outdoor bags are sized to meet airline carry-on requirements, making them perfect for air travel. Take a look at the Kit Bag 30L as an example. Why not check our our article on different Airlines Luggage Policies to see which bags qualify?

  • Do you offer a warranty on your travel and outdoor bags?

    Yes, all our bags come with a 2-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship, reflecting our commitment to quality.

  • Are your travel & outdoor bags waterproof?

    Our bags are made from weatherproof materials, designed to protect your belongings from the elements. While they are highly water-resistant, we recommend using additional waterproof covers in heavy rain.

  • What makes Stubble & Co travel and outdoor bags eco-friendly?

    Our commitment to sustainability includes using recycled and responsibly sourced materials, reducing waste, and ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. We aim to create products that are both high-quality and environmentally conscious.

  • What is the best type of bag to travel with?

    A versatile weekender for short trips, a durable backpack for outdoor adventures, or a spacious duffel for longer journeys.

  • Which travel bag is best: hard or soft?

    Soft bags are more flexible in their capacity and lighter in weight, making them ideal for most travel needs.

  • Are there any special features in the travel and outdoor bags?

    Yes, our bags are designed with multiple features to enhance your travel and outdoor experiences, including water-resistant fabrics, secure zip closures, and dedicated compartments for laptops, shoes, and other essentials. We also have ergonomic straps to ensure comfortable carry all day long.

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