Phoebe Smith: The Real Wander Woman

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This is a podcast all about exceptional travel experiences, incredible stories and adventures of every kind, something Phoebe Smith eats, sleeps, breathes, and then repeats over and over again.

From sleeping at Everest Base Camp to swimming in Antarctica, dog sledding beneath Norway’s Northern Lights to crossing Siberia by train, hiking to Scotland’s most inaccessible bothy to sleeping in portaledges at dizzying heights, Phoebe is more than just an adventurer -- she’s wild camping and extreme sleeping’s chief cheerleader.


In this episode, Phoebe shares the behind the scenes of her epic journey so far. You're about to meet the real Wander Woman.

For more information on Phoebe Smith, to learn more about her extreme sleeping adventures, make sure you follow her on Instagram or head to

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