10 Perfect Gifts For Men This Christmas

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10 Perfect Gifts For Men This Christmas

Despite the myth, finding the perfect Christmas gift for him is not an impossible task. The secret is finding a little inspiration. Whether you are buying for your best mate, your soulmate, your work mate or drawing up your own wishlist for Santa, it always helps to be inspired. The question is: what do you get for the guy who has everything? That’s easy. Everything on this list. 

Chosen from the British brands we’ve become fans of since starting Stubble & Co, these guy goodies included everything from out-and-out essentials to under-the-radar extras. Trust us: your Christmas just went from zero to epic.

The Dempster Belt by Brydon Brothers 

You could stop by the Brydon Brothers website with a blindfold on, pick a belt at random and leave with a handmade gem, but their Dempster belt should be every guy’s top pick. Woven together with a high-quality, black fabric braid and solid brass buckle stitched into black leather, this simple, durable, ridiculously comfortable, totally adjustable belt is everything you need it to be.

Price: £69 


The Mono ‘All Black’ by Chilly’s

Every guy needs a Chilly’s, which is why Chilly’s has designed a stainless steel bottle for every guy. Scrap that. They’ve made a stainless steel bottle for everyone... to use everyday... in every way... no matter what lifestyle you live, but the matt black Mono is our favourite. Simply pop it in the side pocket of our backpack and accelerate your daily use of reusable products everywhere, from your commute to your next weekend away. Eco-friendly, durable, Chilly’s seamlessly combine style and performance. 

Price: £22 


The Humourist Kit by Aésop

Deep down, in every man, there is a kind of instinct, a sensitivity perhaps, that suggests he needs to show himself a little more care, and that is exactly why you need to indulge in The Humourist. On the surface, this invigorating body care kit is there to help cleanse and hydrate your body from neck to toe, but it offers something way more than that. It tells the world you love yourself enough to care about the way you look, feel and scrub up. Besides the fact this kit makes you look like know what you're doing, it will also help you kickstart your day with some you time.

Price: £43


The Cuban Pyjama Set by Desmond & Dempsey

Whether you’re a big fan of lazy weekends or long holidays, nothing beats shuffling around the house in the most comfortable, most stylish pyjamas possible - and the Cuban pyjama set is all of that and more. This is the sort of relaxed number you could enjoy wearing from your bed to your BBQ; the sort of ensemble James Bond would wear on his days off. Vivid, simple, loud and proud. Sunday mornings have never looked so good.

Price: £154


The Commuter by Stubble & Co

Backpacks don’t get any more innovative. Period. Handcrafted with premium waterproof canvas and ultra-reliable YKK zips throughout, The Commuter combines long-lasting durability with extreme comfort. But the best bit is the design. There is a main zipped pocket designed for a change of clothes and your daily essentials, a padded pocket for your 15” laptop, a paperwork compartment with iPad sleeve, breathable panels and two side pockets for your new Chilly’s bottle. This backpack lets you go straight from the watercooler to the wilderness. No excuses.

Price: £115


The Ammonite Fives by Spoke London

Welcome to the saviour of chinos. Made from cotton woven in Italy and hardware cast in Switzerland with every single pair cut and sewn in Europe, Spoke does quality like nowhere else. But the reason every guy needs a pair of Fives is because they come in ten times more sizes than your average label, giving you seriously cool, casual trousers that actually fit — with a huge range of colours too. Basically, Spoke is saving guys from baggy, ill-fitting chinos, and their gift card only backs that up; no more guessing. Welcome to the perfect gift. 

Price: £89


The Black Crewneck by Old Harry

Autumn Winter is the time for knitwear — you know this, we know this, everyone knows this —  and knitwear doesn’t come any better than Old Harry. This is a brand created by people passionate about the coastal heritage of Britain. Build on childhoods spent wrapping up warm in old vintage jumpers, Old Harry knows a quality sweater is a must, whether you’re walking along blustery cliff tops in Devon or rushing out of the waves after a chilly dip in the sea. Old Harry only does one thing - knitwear - but they do it perfectly. 

Price: £70


The Ultimate Cider Box by Crafty Nectar

Sure, it’s a hamper. But it’s a blanket full of award-winning products and next-level ciders that guarantee to blow minds. Packed full of traditional, raw milk, cloth-bound cheeses, British-loved chutneys and other tongue-pleasing treats, a box of cider has never tasted so good. From a French cider with the title of award-winning Premier Cru to local ciders made using the ancient art of Keeving to the world’s tastiest fruit cider, this 10-piece selection is as good as it gets.

Price: £75


The Simply Dapper by London Sock Co.

Socks are the unsung hero of every outfit. Whether you’re looking to give your suit a little more punch or your turned-up jeans something to shout about -- and the Simply Dapper set is perfect for both. They’re socks for every kind of gentleman; those who commute into The City and those who escape into the country. A compilation of confident, classic colours, these Rich Burgundy, East India Saffron and British Racing Green ooze sophisticated simplicity. These aren’t socks. These are luxury cotton socks.

Price: £125


The TrueConnect by RHA

This British brand doesn’t just make earphones, they make built-to-last earphones that combine premium materials with innovative design, and their TrueConnect model is “the reigning king of true wireless”. Stylish, subtle, secure, intuitive, high-quality, sweat and weather resistant, and a 25 hour battery life with fast charging. And they’re so durable they come with a 3-year warranty. Welcome to the future of wireless earphones.

Price: £150


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