11 Ways To Do More in 2023

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11 Ways To Do More in 2023

2023 is the year we Do.More. The year we see more, explore more and embrace more. The year we get out into the world in pursuit of our passions, take journeys that move us, get excited about early-morning alarms, set off on sunrise adventures, throw a pack on our back and spend as much time as we can living a life that genuinely stirs something deep within us. 

From discovering new experiences on your city’s streets to sunset hikes up those breathtaking peaks, make this the year you do.more of the things that inspire you. Let’s step into the unknown, travel to new places, see the world through fresh eyes, embrace new experiences, champion diversity, celebrate authenticity and make the kind of changes that will serve you. And to help you achieve this commitment to doing more, we’ve pulled together an alternative bucket list of sorts to set you on your way. #GoAnywhereDoEverything

1. Explore A New City

48 hours. That’s all you need to explore a new city. To go out into the world and expand your horizons, get inspired, discover new cultures, unlock new cuisines, gain a better understanding of the world and update your Instagram bio to read something like: 31 countries so far. It’s what life is all about. Travelling to new places and exploring this wonderfully diverse world in a truly authentic way. So pack a carry-on bag, book a cheap flight to somewhere new, get inspired by Topjaw’s recommendations and go out into the world.

2. Kickstart Your Morning Routine

One thing we should all strive to do is make the most of each day, and that starts with taking control of your mornings. It’s about creating a morning culture that sets you up for an epic day, everyday. It’s about celebrating strategy, rituals and rewards so that your mornings stir, energise and excite you as you get ready for whatever adventures lay ahead: commute or no commute. Watch the sunrise, work up a sweat, pursue your passions, work on that project, flick through that book, explore the world outside, anything that fills you with a go-get-it attitude. 

3. Master A Cocktail

Everyone should become a master of something and what could be more impressive, sophisticated or delicious than a cocktail. No more sipping on uninspired, two-ingredient mixed drinks and cheap beer, instead make this the year you flex your mixology muscles, perfect a signature tipple and start serving up the kind of creations that will have you breaking the ice everywhere you go. We did it during a team trip to Snowdon, where Whisky and Amaretto Sours became our cocktails of choice, and we haven’t looked back.

4. Complete A Challenge

Kayak your way through Croatia. Hike the volcanic island of Gran Canaria. Take on Morocco’s 3 Peak Challenge. Set your sights on the summit of Snowdon. Whatever piques your interest, make 2023 the year you take on a soul-stirring challenge. Not only will you get to finish with a huge sense of accomplishment, but you’ll get to explore and experience that place you’ve always wanted to see more of. From the big ticket trips you could call once-in-a-lifetime to those adventures that only require a backpack, a sturdy pair of boots and an insatiable curiosity, there’s nothing quite like stepping into the unknown, ready to reconnect with the wilderness as you take on a real outdoor challenge.

5. Start A Journel

Make this the year you turn off autopilot, deepen your awareness, explore more consciously, turn your attention inwards and embrace doing more. That’s what journaling achieves. It creates a space for reflection that’s cathartic, while providing focus and clarity. But the power of journaling isn’t reserved to just self-awareness. Journaling helps reduce stress, strengthen our resilience, solve our problems and achieve our goals. It’s a place where you get to write down your hopes and dreams and then actually achieve them with a newfound clarity. And best of all, you’ll get to look back on it in years to come and flick through your real-time thoughts and feelings as you explored new places, experienced new things and achieved so much on the way.

6. Make Time For Hikes

The roaming gene is pretty strong in humans. It’s a universal past-time that takes us into the wilderness for a chance to connect with nature and yourself, and there’s no better way to roam than to pull on a pair of boots, strap a pack to your back, pop some trail mix in your pockets and hike. Explore the world on your doorstep at sunrise or take on a long trail that stretches for miles across some faraway land. There’s no better way to discover the heart and soul of a destination, as you merge choice with chance. From testing out your cardio to embracing the calm, the benefits are almost-endless.

7. Road Trip Camping

It’s time to trade hit n’ miss hotels and complex logistics for spontaneous adventures under the open sky by embracing more road trips. The way we see it, they are mana for travellers that don’t have a plan and don’t need one. Simply chuck your Adventure Bag on the back seats, pick a destination (or don’t), fill up with fuel, cue up a playlist and head for the horizon with whatever camping set up you prefer. Car camping, wild camping, hammocking, or a bit of all three. Heading into the unknown, embracing the elements and reconnecting with the wild is one of those adventures that never gets old.

8. More Paddleboarding

From yoga to pilates, there are a thousand activities we could have picked. But it’s hard to beat that feeling as you glide across the still, glistening water, the sun sparkling as gentle ripples form with each stroke, there’s nothing quite as serene, tranquil or quietly epic as paddleboarding. It’s just you, the board and a paddle, exploring some of the most untouched places in the most peaceful way possible, smoothly moving across the deep blue water with each pull as you escape the noise, calm your mind and improve your balance in every sense of the word. From calm waters to serious surf breaks, the toughest decision is knowing where to point your paddleboard and start exploring.

9. Everyone is a Runner

Running is epic for your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pounding the city pavements or taking on the trails, running has a unique way of boosting your fitness, cementing your healthy habits, improving your endurance, providing you with a personal goal and getting you into the great outdoors, amongst it all: the sights, scents and sounds. But the benefits of running aren’t limited to the body. No. ​​Running is great for the mind too. It’s a form of therapy that feels freeing, as you explore here, there and everywhere. So make this the year you step into the world of running.

10. Cook Up A Storm

Food can take you to places you’ve never been, back to places you’ve always dreamed and around the world without having to move your feet more than ten-feet from your oven. Cooking gives you a chance to express yourself, expand your horizons, learn a new skill and please your taste buds. But the best part of all is we’re in a golden age when it comes to cooking. Search and you shall find an answer. Discover some exciting recipe books, subscribe to a tasty cooking channel, ask your grandma for that family dish she keeps a secret or create your own list of delicious dishes as you travel.

11. Reconnect With The Wild

Rain, snow, sun, hail, fog. Mother Nature boasts a magic no matter what elements you’re faced with, so make a commitment to reconnect with the wild whatever the conditions. In fact, make a promise to get outside in every condition imaginable because enjoying the outdoors in every state will change your attitude towards the weather. Instead of your sense of adventure being curbed by the rain and cold, you’ll learn to embrace the elements with ardor and energy.

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