Our Essential Guide To Planning A Road Trip

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Our Essential Guide To Planning A Road Trip

With the world still not entirely open for travel, now’s the time to start exploring the world on your doorstep -- and there’s no better way to take it all in than a road trip. Heading across local borders, hunting down the highest peaks, crossing bridges to find new places; it’s the ultimate adventure no matter which country you call home, but there’s something about a Great British Road Trip that makes it worthy of any bucket list. 

That being said, planning a road trip takes a more effort than just hopping on a plane with your bag. However, the more informed you are, the less effort it requires. So to help you plan your next road trip, we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide. All you’ve got to do now is pick a destination (or don’t), fuel up, press play on this playlist and drive.


Step 1: The Best Trip Needs The Best Car

Driving down an open road is a freedom unlike any other. But whether you’re heading off to Devon for 48-hours or planning an epic trip to an epic Scottish isle, you’ll need a motor that knows how to get the most out of this adventure. Cue: The Out. From the Land Rover Discovery to the Range Rover Velar to the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible, all you need to do is book, wait for them to deliver your vehicle and then disappear on your road trip. Welcome to the car rental brand where style meets luxury.

Step 2: The Right Bag For Your Backseat

Road trips are about driving somewhere, stopping anywhere and being able to explore the landscape at a moment’s notice, which is what makes the right bags so important to your freedom. That’s what we kept in mind when designing the Adventure Bag; a tough and durable, go-anywhere, do-anything bag you can trust no matter what your destination. Our aim was to create a bag from recycled plastic, that made travelling as easy as possible. We think we succeeded - this bag was made for your next road trip. 

Step 3: The Art of Packing

Knowing how to pack your bag like an SBS operative is one thing, but knowing what to pack for a road trip is something else entirely. Thankfully, there’s only a handful of essential items you absolutely need to take with you, such as your driver’s licence, insurance and roadside assistance, as well as face masks, hand sanitiser and your ultimate car snacks. When it comes to versatile clothing for any occasion, two brands that must make the list are  Duke & Dexter and The Workers Club.


Step 4: Always Plan For The Unexpected

Road trips may be the ultimate trip for travellers who don’t have a plan and don’t need one, but there are certain parts of your trip worth planning ahead of time, starting with the weather. Always, always, always check the weather, know roughly which route you’re going to take from A to B, have an up-to-date road map in your passenger’s hands and pack supplies that you might need along the way; supplies for unplanned breakdowns and supplies for any spontaneous stop-offs.


Step 5: Life Is About The Journey


Getting from the start point to the finish line as fast as possible is not a road trip, but exploring the world along your way, now that is. Historical hotspots and hiking trails, destinations that look like they’re abroad or those places perfect for outdoor activity breaks; knowing where to stop along the way is as tricky as it is subjective. But there are no wrong answers -- you simply need to know what lays ahead and then decide which forget-me-not stop-offs you want to explore. 


Step 6: Pick A Trip That’s Worth the Journey

You don’t realise how big and diverse the UK is until you’ve driven cross-country and explored those parts of your road map that usually have dog-ears; your Adventure Bag on the roof rack and your only CD on repeat as you take in the landscapes. That said, not all road trips are born equal. Some explore sweeping coastlines while others pass through jagged gorges and up mountain passes. So to help you pick a trip that will leave you with pinch marks on your arms, here’s our five favourite roads trips up and down the UK. 

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